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At Advance Vision Therapy, we treat patients of all ages who suffer from problems with their vision. These problems can range from issues with eye alignment, focusing, binocular coordination, oculo-motor skills (eye-tracking), visual processing, and perceptual disorders. We are Regina’s only stand-alone vision therapy clinic. Dr. Myles Bokinac has taken over 200 hours of post-graduate studies to bring these services to Regina. We have been dedicated to delivering vision therapy to the patients of Regina and surrounding areas for over 14 years and are now excited to be offering these services in our new expanded dedicated vision therapy space. Our professional therapists have had great success retraining the brain so our patients can recognize the visual signals, learn how to respond to them appropriately and improve their quality of life.

Vision is more than just seeing clearly. Vision is the ability to understand and react to what is seen and at Advance Vision Therapy we can change lives!